11 June 2021

Water purification company on the stock exchange

NX Filtration, a sustainable water purification company that emerged from the University of Twente, will be listed on the Amsterdam stock exchange today. The business model is based on ground-breaking technology to rid water and drinks of bacteria, viruses and other contaminants. One of its current customers is beer brewery Grolsch, but in principle, this opens up the possibility for offering clean drinking water all over the world.

The IPO is an initiative of co-founder and major shareholder Infestos, the Twente-based investment company that has also listed the ‘green’ funds ESG Core and Alfen on the stock exchange. The listing of new shares is worth €165 million. NX Filtration intends to use this capital to build a new factory, increase the (international) sales of its purification technology and to make acquisitions.