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  • 29 May 2020

    Douwe Egberts goes public for the third time

    Douwe Egberts, now a subsidiary of the American-German-Dutch company JDE Peet’s, is set to make its second return onto the Amsterdam exchange. The coffee company made its first appearance at Beursplein 5 in 1982. Because its former American parent company, which would later be known as Sara Lee, decided to delist the company shortly after, its initial run on the exchange only lasted until 1984. 

    JDE-Peets, bekend als Douwe Egberts, voor derde keer naar de Amsterdamse beurs
    12 March 2020

    Gong ceremony suspended

    Following the outbreak of the corona virus, the Amsterdam exchange has decided to temporarily suspend the daily gong ceremony. The company also closes its doors to visitors. Trading however continues, resulting in unprecedented activity levels and major slumps, especially at the start of the crisis.

    Schorsing gongceremonie in verband met uitbraak corona virus
    21 February 2020 goes public

    After the Breda technology company was forced to abandon its plans for an IPO in 2019 due to disappointing market conditions and a lack of interest, it finally makes its debut at the Amsterdam exchange today., which mainly helps companies such as IKEA and Albert Heijn communicate with its customers via text messaging and WhatsApp, goes public to raise capital to develop new activities, such as ticket sales for major events and mobile payment services.

    Technologiebedrijf gaat alsnog naar de Amsterdamse beurs
    30 January 2020

    Recycling firm Renewi listed on the Amsterdam exchange

    Anglo-Dutch waste processor Renewi is to be listed on the Amsterdam exchange. The company, which was created in 2016 after a merger between the British Shanks and the Dutch Van Gansewinkel, is already listed on the London Stock Exchange. No new shares will be issued. The purpose of the second listing in Amsterdam just before Britain’s exit from the European Union is to increase interest in the sustainable nature of the business among Benelux investors, where the company has the largest presence. Via this detour, Van Gansewinkel has finally managed to make it to Beursplein 5 after almost 10 years. 

    Recyclingbedrijf Renewi (fusie van Shanks en Van Gansewinkel) gaat naar de beurs
    21 November 2019

    Drumming day 2019

    This year, the Amsterdam exchange continues the age-old tradition of drumming. As in 2018, Amsterdam’s school children will bang their drums to commemorate the actions of an alert orphan boy, who managed to prevent a Spanish attack on the Hendrick de Keyser Exchange during the Eighty Years’ war.

    Beurstrommeldag 2019
    7 November 2019

    Aedifica listed on Amsterdam exchange

    Belgian real estate fund Aedifica, which has been listed in Brussels since 2006, is getting a second listing on Euronext Amsterdam today. With its listing on the Amsterdam exchange, Aedifica, which specializes in healthcare real estate for senior citizens, wants to contribute to further growth and visibility on the Dutch market. It will not, however, be issuing new shares.

    Belgische vastgoedfonds Aedifica, zorgvastgoed voor senioren, naar de beurs
    1 October 2019

    First chairwoman of the Amsterdam exchange

    For the first time in its long history, the Amsterdam exchange is set to have a female chairperson: Simone Huis in ’t Veld. This marks a special milestone for an institution that has historically been a male stronghold. Although the first woman was granted membership to the stock exchange in 1923, the trading floor would remain off limits to women for a long time after. After the appearance of the first three female traders on the exchange floor in 1975, Simone Huis in ’t Veld today becomes the first woman to ever take up the gavel at Beursplein 5.

    Simone Huis in ‘t Veld wordt eerste vrouwelijke voorzitter van Amsterdamse beurs
    11 September 2019

    Internet company Prosus listed on Amsterdam exchange

    The South African media and technology company Naspers is splitting off its international online activities and listing them on the Amsterdam stock exchange under the name Prosus. No new shares will be issued. With this IPO, part of all Naspers shares, listed in Johannesburg, will be renamed and transferred to the Amsterdam exchange.

    Media- en technologiebedrijf Naspers gaat onder naam Prosus naar de beurs
    21 June 2019

    Fastned heads to Beursplein 5

    Charging station operator Fastned, which has been listed on the alternative stock exchange NxChange since 2016, is also set to get a listing on Euronext Amsterdam. This makes Fastned a ‘dual-listed company’, making it possible for the company’s shares to be traded on both exchanges. Due to high demand and limited supply, the share is considerably more expensive on Euronext than on NxChange for the first few days, a situation that is both highly unusual and, according to the VEB Association of Stock Owners, very undesirable.

    Laadpalenuitbater Fastned naar Amsterdamse beurs
    7 June 2019

    Icelandic food-processing company listed on Amsterdam exchange

    Marel, an originally Icelandic manufacturer of chicken, meat, and poultry processing equipment, is set to get a second listing on Amsterdam’s stock exchange. The company has been listed in Reykjavik since 1992, where it is the largest company by market cap. Marel is issuing a total of 100 million new shares, raising € 370 million in new capital. With its listing in Amsterdam, Marel is seeking to increase the marketability of shares in the company, which also has a presence in the Dutch towns of Boxmeer and Lichtenvoorde. 

    IJslandse machinebouwer Marel start naar Amsterdamse beurs
    28 May 2019

    Euronext acquires Norwegian exchange

    After a fierce takeover battle with the American Nasdaq, Euronext, the parent company of the Amsterdam exchange, has managed to acquire the Oslo exchange for almost € 700 million. The Oslo exchange was one of the last remaining independent exchanges in Europe. With an annual turnover of € 110 million in 2018, it will be Euronext’s third-largest exchange after Paris and Amsterdam. This new addition is much larger than the relatively small Dublin exchange, which Euronext acquired in 2018.

    Euronext neemt Noorse beurs over
    5 November 2018

    NxChange open to cooperation

    The small Amsterdam-based SME exchange NXChange is set to start cooperating with its Swiss peer Lykke. For the Swiss, the AFM trading license recently obtained by NxChange is a major reason for entering into a strategic alliance. Lykke will also take a stake in NxChange, marking the first time that the latter has raised external capital since it was founded in 2016. NxChange is also entering into a partnership with Rabobank to provide loans to SMEs listed and traded on this alternative exchange platform. 

    Mkb-beurs NxChange gaat samenwerken met Zwiterse  branchegenoot Lykke
    27 June 2018

    Envipco goes public

    Envipco, an international company that produces Reverse Vending Machines and recycling systems is set to be listed on the Amsterdam exchange. With its recycling systems, Envipco seeks to facilitate the affordable, environmentally friendly collection of beverage packaging. In addition to its branch in the Netherlands, the company operates various other branches around the world.

    13 June 2018

    Payment company Adyen goes public

    Amsterdam-based payment company Adyen is to get a listing on the Amsterdam exchange. Since it was first founded in 2006, Adyen has been one of the fastest growing fintech companies in the Netherlands. 

    Eén der snelst groeiende fintech bedrijf, Betaalbedrijf Adyen, naar beurs
    11 April 2018

    Second listing for Retail Estates

    Belgian real estate fund Real Estates, which has been listed in Brussels since 1998, is strengthening its presence in the Netherlands with a second listing on the Amsterdam exchange.

    Vastgoedfonds Retail Estates naar tweede beursnotering Amsterdam
    9 April 2018

    Restart NPEX

    AFM grants NPEX a new trading licence. After trading on the SME exchange based in the Hague was suspended in November 2017 because its license no longer met MIFID II rules, the exchange is now up and running once more. Under the new regulations, NPEX has been granted MTF status as a recognized alternative exchange platform. In addition to the launch of a new and improved trading system, the restart has also ushered in a change in the ownership structure. Along with a new majority shareholder, the government has become a co-owner, having transmuted a loan into stock.

    Herstart Haagse mkb-beurs NPEX
    4 April 2018

    Options Exchange celebrates 40th birthday

    Euronext is celebrating the 40th birthday of Amsterdam’s options exchange, which started life as the European Options Exchange (EOE) when it became Europe’s first options exchange in 1978. In addition to major celebrations and a conference, also the ancient tradition of exchange drumming marked this special anniversary.

    Veertig jaar Amsterdamse Optiebeurs (European Options Exchange - EOE)
    27 March 2018

    Euronext acquires Irish exchange

    Euronext, the parent company of the Amsterdam exchange, has taken over the Dublin-based Irish Stock Exchange (ISE) for € 137 million. ISE was founded in 1793 and has screen trading since 2000. At the time of the acquisition, 56 companies were listed on the Dublin stock exchange with a total market cap of € 125 billion. These companies will be added to the 1300 listings, with a total market cap of € 3600 billion, already on Euronext. After Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris, and Lisbon, the Dublin-based exchange is now the fifth national exchange to join the Euronext group.

    23 March 2018

    NIBC corporate bank listed

    After several unsuccessful attempts, JC Flowers today successfully floated the NIBC corporate bank, based in the Hague. Remarkably, two new companies make their debut at Beursplein 5 today, which is why NIBC’s listing is celebrated with an extra gong ceremony in the afternoon.

    Zakenbank NIBC naar Amsterdamse beurs
    23 March 2018

    Distribution company B&S makes stock exchange debut

    This morning, B&S Group, a consumer product distributor from Dordrecht, makes its debut on the Amsterdam exchange. B&S supplies foodstuffs, cosmetics and beverages to major cruise lines and military bases and made its name in trading tax-free products.

    Distributeur van consumentenproducten B&S Group naar de beurs
    22 March 2018

    Energy specialist Alfen goes public

    Energy specialist Alfen is to get a listing on the Amsterdam exchange. The Almere-based builder of transformers, energy storage systems, and charging stations, is hoping that its IPO will increase brand awareness abroad.

    Energiespecialist Alfen, transformatoren en laadpalen, krijgt beursnotering in Amsterdam
    5 March 2018

    Film about Wally van Hall

    The feature film ‘Bankier van het Verzet’, chronicling the special acts of resistance of stock trader Walraven van Hall has its premiere today. Thanks to his network in the financial world, Van Hall managed to raise more than 80 million guilders for the resistance during the war. Beursplein 5 was a key location for his resistance work and can be seen in the film. Eventually, the film managed to draw about 400,000 people to cinemas across the country.

    Film over Wally van Hall (Bankier van het verzet) gaat in première
    22 February 2018

    Dutch Star Company One listed

    Dutch Star Companies One (DSCO) is launching an IPO on the Amsterdam exchange. Remarkably, DSCO is not a company, but a so-called SPAC with the aim of buying a major stake in a yet to be chosen, preferably Dutch company, which will then take over DSCO’s listing. 

    Update: Following a merger, technology company acquired DSCO’s listing in early 2020.

    Dutch Star Companies One (DSCO) krijgt beursnotering in Amsterdam
    3 January 2018

    MIFID II enters into force

    In addition to the European MIFID directive introduced in 2007, a new set of rules for European capital markets called MIFID II will enter into effect today. The main objective of the new rules is improvement of transparency and investor protection. 

    Europese richtlijn MIFID II vandaag van start
    1 January 2018

    Stricter rules for reverse listings

    Together with AFM, Euronext is introducing stricter rules for reverse listings. In a reverse listing, a company effectively goes public by acquiring an ‘empty’ listed company. 

    Euronext komt met aangescherpte regels voor reverse listing
    28 December 2017

    Ladder manufacturer goes public

    Just a few days before the stricter reverse listing rules are set to come into force, Brabant-based scaffolding and ladder manufacturer Alumexx is set to become publicly held by acquiring the ‘empty’ listed company Phelix.

    Steiger- en ladderfabrikant Alumexx naar Amsterdamse beurs
    14 November 2017

    Investment fund goes public

    South-African investment fund Reinet Investments makes its debut on the Amsterdam exchange. With this new listing, Reinet hopes to gain access to a new group of European investors.

    Investeringsfonds Reinet Investments beursgenoteerd op Beursplein 5
    26 July 2017

    Childminding agency goes public

    Gastvrij Nederland, the tenth largest childminding agency in the Netherlands, becomes listed on the Amsterdam exchange. It managed to secure this listing by means of the so-called reverse listing route, acquiring the ’empty’ listed company Lavide.

    Gastvrij-Nederland, gastouderbureau, krijgt notering op Amsterdamse beurs
    18 July 2017

    Silent IPO for real estate fund

    Nepi Rockcastle, a real estate fund from South Africa, which mainly operates in Central and Eastern Europe, is set for a silent IPO on the Amsterdam exchange. 

    Vastgoedfonds Nepi Rockcastle in stilte naar de beurs
    12 May 2017

    Construction company VolkerWessels returns to the exchange

    VolkerWessels, which was also listed between 1990 and 2003, returns to the Amsterdam exchange. The construction company from Rijssen, Twente, employs 16,000 people and mainly operates in the Netherlands, England, Germany and North America.

    Update: after a successful takeover bid from Reggeborgh, the investment fund of the Wessels family, VolkerWessels went private again in March 2020.

    Bouwbedrijf VolkerWessels keert terug op Amsterdamse beurs
    4 April 2017

    Tech company VEON goes public

    VEON, originally from Russia, becomes listed on the Amsterdam exchange. The international technology company, which employees more than 40,000 people all over the world, goes public in Amsterdam because the head office is located here.

    Techbedrijf VEON, oorsprong in Rusland, gaat naar de beurs
    31 March 2017

    TOM calls it quits

    The alternative Dutch derivatives exchange The Order Machine (TOM) is closing. TOM was founded in 2009 by online broker BinckBank and trading firm Optiver, who were dissatisfied with the high trading rates charged by Euronext, but has been forced to close after no new owner could be found. 

    Alternatieve Nederlandse derivatenbeurs The Order Machine (TOM) stopt
    15 March 2017

    IPO for bioplastics developer

    Avantium, a chemical company known for its bioplastics, is launching an IPO on the Amsterdam exchange. Having split off from Shell in 2000, the company was forced to call off its IPO at the last minute in 2007. The second attempt today is successful. 

    Chemiebedrijf Avantium, bioplastic, naar Amsterdamse beurs
    30 September 2016

    Meal delivery company goes public

    Meal delivery company, mainly known for in the Netherlands, gets a listing on the Amsterdam exchange.

    Maaltijdbezorger (bekend als naar de beurs
    21 June 2016

    NPEX on the rise

    The Amsterdam exchange may be seeing a large increase in new listings, but the young SME exchange NPEX in the Hague is also becoming busier and busier. After initially focusing on real estate in 2009, NPEX shifted its efforts to financing SMEs from 2013 onwards. According to an interview published in the FD, the number of bonds issued by smaller companies is increasing strongly. Companies that have recently managed to raise money at the SME exchange include software supplier Be Informed, restaurant chain Wagamama and De Vegetarische Slager.

    Haagse mkb-beurs NPEX in opmars
    10 June 2016

    Fit and listed

    These are busy times on Beursplein 5. On the same day as ASR’s return, fitness chain Basic-Fit makes its debut on the Amsterdam exchange. With its IPO, Basic-Fit is looking to raise approximately € 400 million with the aim of opening more gyms in the Netherlands and abroad.

    Fitnessketen Basic-Fit naar Amsterdamse beurs
    10 June 2016

    ASR listed for the third time

    Insurance company ASR returns to the Amsterdam exchange. The sound of the gong, makes ASR at the same time the company with the longest exchange history of all listed companies. The first predecessor of the group, ‘Stadt Rotterdam’, which is still represented by the last two letters of the group’s current name, had its first IPO in 1720. Admittedly, this was an ‘unofficial’ first, because even though the company’s shares were publicly listed and traded, there was no real exchange organisation yet. 

    Verzekeringsmaatschappij ASR keert terug op de Amsterdamse beurs
    31 May 2016

    Coca-Cola listed

    Coca-Cola European Partners, the company that bottles soft drinks such as Coca-Cola, Fanta, and Chaudfontaine, is listing its shares on the Amsterdam exchange.

    Coca-Cola European Partners naar Amsterdamse beurs
    27 May 2016

    Philips Lighting listed

    Philips, which originally became listed as a light bulb manufacturer in 1912, is shifting its focus to medical technology and lists its lighting unit as an independent company: Philips Lighting (now: Signify). 

    Philips Lightning (huidige Signify) als zelfstandig bedrijf naar de beurs
    24 May 2016

    Agricultural IPO

    Cattle feed producer ForFarmers is making its debut on the Amsterdam exchange, hoping to increase the marketability of its existing shares.

    Veevoedersfabrikant ForFarmers debuteert op Amsterdamse beurs
    12 May 2016

    Pipeline manufacturer goes public

    Limburg-based pipeline manufacturer SIF Group, which makes foundations for wind turbines and pipelines for the offshore industry, is listed on the Amsterdam exchange.

    Buizenfabrikant Sif Group gaat naar de ebeurs
    14 April 2016

    A new stock exchange

    A new small SME exchange is founded in the Netherlands: NxChange. The core idea behind this new alternative exchange platform is for companies to raise money straight from their following. The first company to be listed on NxChange is Fastned, which operates fast-charging stations for electric cars.

    Nxchange, mkb-beurs, alternatieve Amsterdamse beursplatform gaat van start
    18 March 2016

    Interest on centuries-old bonds

    Legal successor De Stiching Rijnlanden pays an interest amount of € 714.60 on rare bonds of the Lekdijk Bovendams water board dating from 1638 and 1765 from the historical archive of the Amsterdam exchange. The bonds issued by Lekdijk Bovendams are the oldest known still interest-bearing bonds in the world and symbolize the financial strength and reliability of the Netherlands and its origins: the eternal struggle of the Dutch against the water.

    Uitkering rente op Rentebrieven Lekdijk Bovendams 1638 en 1765
    11 February 2016

    Dutch Corporate Governance Code revised

    Today, the Van Manen Monitoring Committee presents its proposal for a revised version of the Dutch Corporate Governance Code during the annual Drumming day on Beursplein 5. The new version contains important updates concerning the remuneration policy and risk management of companies.

    Herziening Code Tabaksblat gepresenteerd tijdens jaarlijkse Beurstrommeldag
    20 January 2016

    Listed Women’s fashion

    R&S Retail Group, the parent company of women’s fashion chain Miss Etam, is making its debut on the Amsterdam exchange. To do so, the Reyail Group takes over the rights of bed manufacturer Dico International, an ‘empty’ listing company.

    R&S Retail Group (damesmodeketen Miss Etam) debuteert op Amsterdamse beurs
    5 January 2016

    Public listing for IEX

    The IEX Group, an online investment information provider in the Netherlands and Belgium, makes its debut on the Amsterdam exchange through a reverse listing, after acquiring the ‘empty’ listed company MTY.

    Mediabedrijf IEX-Group op Amsterdamse beurs
    20 November 2015


    After being acquired by the Dutch Government in 2008, ABN returns to the Amsterdam exchange for 20% of its shares. The government will remain the owner of all other shares.

    ABN-AMRO keert terug naar de beurs 20 november 2015
    11 November 2015

    Biotech company Curetis listed

    Curetius, a German biotech company, becomes listed on the Amsterdam exchange. Curetis develops and sells tests for the diagnosis of infectious diseases and will use the proceeds from the IPO to develop new tests.

    Update: after a merger with American peer OpGen Curetis is de-listed again on 4 May 2020.

    Biotechbedrijf Curetis krijgt notering op de Amsterdamse beurs 11 november 2015
    15 October 2015

    Intertrust goes public

    Intertrust, a Dutch trust company that provides tax administration and legal services to companies makes its debut on the Amsterdam exchange. 

    Trustmaatschappij Intertrust naar de Amsterdamse beurs 15 oktober 2015
    3 October 2015

    New VOC share discovered

    A new share of the Dutch East India Company (VOC) has been discovered in the Amsterdam City Archives. The share of 600 guilders, was issued on 6 October 1606, which makes it the third-oldest VOC share known to us today. The oldest VOC share was found in the West-Frisian Archive in Hoorn in 2010 and was issued on 9 September 1606. In 1606, the VOC issued around 2500 of such shares, of which seven are known to have survived. One of them is in the historical collection of the Amsterdam exchange.

    Ontdekking nieuw VOC-aandeel 3 oktober 2015
    10 July 2015

    Flow Traders IPO

    Trading firm Flow Traders, which specializes in digital index tracker trading, brings approximately 40% of its shares to the Amsterdam exchange for a total market value of about € 1.5 billion.

    Handelsbedrijf Flow Traders naar de beurs
    2 July 2015

    Kiadis listed

    Biotech company Kiadis Pharma, which is conducting research into a cure for blood cancer, is listed on the Amsterdam exchange. 

    Beursnotering biotechbedrijf Kiadis Pharma
    27 March 2015

    Soft drink IPO

    Refresco Gerber, a bottling company and producer of soft drinks that is mainly known for the Wicky brand in the Netherlands, is due to make its debut on the Amsterdam exchange.

    Update: After a takeover, Refresco is de-listed again on 26 April 2018.

    Refresco Gerber gaat naar de beurs 27 maart 2015
    25 February 2015

    Shopping centre IPO

    After acquiring Corio, the French real estate company Klépierre, which operates shopping centers all over Europe, becomes listed in Amsterdam, in addition to its main listing in Paris.

    Klépierre beursgang 25 februari 2015
    6 February 2015

    Glasses on the exchange

    Grandvision, owner of renowned optician chains such as Pearle and Eye Wish, makes its debut on the Amsterdam exchange and brings in around € 1 billion with its listing.

    4 February 2015

    Bols returns to the stock exchange

    Gin and liqueur producer Lucas Bols, famous for brand names such as Bols, Bokma, Pisang Ambon and Coebergh, returns to the Amsterdam exchange. The liquor producer, which was already listed at Beursplein 5 between 1954 and 1993, brings in a total sum of € 128 million by issuing 8.1 million shares. The initial share price of € 15.75 harkens back to the year (1575) in which this “oldest producer of distilled beverages in the world” was founded.

    15 January 2015

    Site launch

    This site about the exchange history of the Netherlands is launched at a festive event at Beursplein 5. This website is an initiative of Stichting Capital Amsterdam.

    Lancering-site-beursgeschiedenis 15 januari 2015