4 February 2022

First SPAC of 2022

The SPAC craze of 2021, with 16 listings in Amsterdam, looks likely to continue in 2022. GP Bullhound Acquisition I SE has made an appearance on Beursplein 5 today. The proceeds of the IPO will be €200 million. Bullhound wants to use this to acquire a tech company. Behind the new SPAC is the investment company with the same name, which is, for example, also known as the backer of streaming service Spotify.

2 February 2022

SPAC merger Azerion

Following an announcement in December 2021, gaming and advertising company Azerion has merged with the SPAC EFIC1 and will be listed on Beursplein 5 today. The owner of more than 16,000 online games is from Amsterdam and, together with the SPAC, is going against the market sentiment. WeTransfer cancelled its IPO at the last minute, but Azerion simply carries on.

31 January 2022

Shell also moves to London

More than a year after Unilever, the shareholders of Royal Dutch Shell have also chosen to move their headquarters to the United Kingdom. Whereas the company has been British since 2005, the board will now no longer meet in The Hague. According to the company itself, it has opted for strength by getting rid of the dual share structure with A shares in Amsterdam and B shares in London. From now on there will only be B shares, also in Amsterdam.