21 November 2019

Drumming day 2019

This year, the Amsterdam exchange continues the age-old tradition of drumming. As in 2018, Amsterdam’s school children will bang their drums to commemorate the actions of an alert orphan boy, who managed to prevent a Spanish attack on the Hendrick de Keyser Exchange during the Eighty Years’ war.

Beurstrommeldag 2019
7 November 2019

Aedifica listed on Amsterdam exchange

Belgian real estate fund Aedifica, which has been listed in Brussels since 2006, is getting a second listing on Euronext Amsterdam today. With its listing on the Amsterdam exchange, Aedifica, which specializes in healthcare real estate for senior citizens, wants to contribute to further growth and visibility on the Dutch market. It will not, however, be issuing new shares.

Belgische vastgoedfonds Aedifica, zorgvastgoed voor senioren, naar de beurs
1 October 2019

First chairwoman of the Amsterdam exchange

For the first time in its long history, the Amsterdam exchange is set to have a female chairperson: Simone Huis in ’t Veld. This marks a special milestone for an institution that has historically been a male stronghold. Although the first woman was granted membership to the stock exchange in 1923, the trading floor would remain off limits to women for a long time after. After the appearance of the first three female traders on the exchange floor in 1975, Simone Huis in ’t Veld today becomes the first woman to ever take up the gavel at Beursplein 5.

Simone Huis in ‘t Veld wordt eerste vrouwelijke voorzitter van Amsterdamse beurs
11 September 2019

Internet company Prosus listed on Amsterdam exchange

The South African media and technology company Naspers is splitting off its international online activities and listing them on the Amsterdam stock exchange under the name Prosus. No new shares will be issued. With this IPO, part of all Naspers shares, listed in Johannesburg, will be renamed and transferred to the Amsterdam exchange.

Media- en technologiebedrijf Naspers gaat onder naam Prosus naar de beurs
21 June 2019

Fastned heads to Beursplein 5

Charging station operator Fastned, which has been listed on the alternative stock exchange NxChange since 2016, is also set to get a listing on Euronext Amsterdam. This makes Fastned a ‘dual-listed company’, making it possible for the company’s shares to be traded on both exchanges. Due to high demand and limited supply, the share is considerably more expensive on Euronext than on NxChange for the first few days, a situation that is both highly unusual and, according to the VEB Association of Stock Owners, very undesirable.

Laadpalenuitbater Fastned naar Amsterdamse beurs
7 June 2019

Icelandic food-processing company listed on Amsterdam exchange

Marel, an originally Icelandic manufacturer of chicken, meat, and poultry processing equipment, is set to get a second listing on Amsterdam’s stock exchange. The company has been listed in Reykjavik since 1992, where it is the largest company by market cap. Marel is issuing a total of 100 million new shares, raising € 370 million in new capital. With its listing in Amsterdam, Marel is seeking to increase the marketability of shares in the company, which also has a presence in the Dutch towns of Boxmeer and Lichtenvoorde. 

IJslandse machinebouwer Marel start naar Amsterdamse beurs
28 May 2019

Euronext acquires Norwegian exchange

After a fierce takeover battle with the American Nasdaq, Euronext, the parent company of the Amsterdam exchange, has managed to acquire the Oslo exchange for almost € 700 million. The Oslo exchange was one of the last remaining independent exchanges in Europe. With an annual turnover of € 110 million in 2018, it will be Euronext’s third-largest exchange after Paris and Amsterdam. This new addition is much larger than the relatively small Dublin exchange, which Euronext acquired in 2018.

Euronext neemt Noorse beurs over
20 March 2019

Transfer of historical stock exchange archives

On the occasion of the celebration of the 417th anniversary of the stock exchange, the official transfer of the historical fund archives (1850-1996) and the collection of historical price lists (1796-2010) of the Amsterdam stock exchange to the NEHA, an archive institute affiliated with the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW), will take place.

By means of this transfer, four hundred metres of unique archive material concerning thousands of former stock exchange funds and over two hundred years of historical price data of the Amsterdam stock exchange have been safeguarded for the future.