30 September 2016

Meal delivery company goes public

Meal delivery company Takeaway.com, mainly known for Thuisbezorgd.nl in the Netherlands, gets a listing on the Amsterdam exchange.

Maaltijdbezorger Takeaway.com (bekend als Thuisbezorgd.nl) naar de beurs
21 June 2016

NPEX on the rise

The Amsterdam exchange may be seeing a large increase in new listings, but the young SME exchange NPEX in the Hague is also becoming busier and busier. After initially focusing on real estate in 2009, NPEX shifted its efforts to financing SMEs from 2013 onwards. According to an interview published in the FD, the number of bonds issued by smaller companies is increasing strongly. Companies that have recently managed to raise money at the SME exchange include software supplier Be Informed, restaurant chain Wagamama and De Vegetarische Slager.

Haagse mkb-beurs NPEX in opmars
10 June 2016

Fit and listed

These are busy times on Beursplein 5. On the same day as ASR’s return, fitness chain Basic-Fit makes its debut on the Amsterdam exchange. With its IPO, Basic-Fit is looking to raise approximately € 400 million with the aim of opening more gyms in the Netherlands and abroad.

Fitnessketen Basic-Fit naar Amsterdamse beurs
10 June 2016

ASR listed for the third time

Insurance company ASR returns to the Amsterdam exchange. The sound of the gong, makes ASR at the same time the company with the longest exchange history of all listed companies. The first predecessor of the group, ‘Stadt Rotterdam’, which is still represented by the last two letters of the group’s current name, had its first IPO in 1720. Admittedly, this was an ‘unofficial’ first, because even though the company’s shares were publicly listed and traded, there was no real exchange organisation yet. 

Verzekeringsmaatschappij ASR keert terug op de Amsterdamse beurs
31 May 2016

Coca-Cola listed

Coca-Cola European Partners, the company that bottles soft drinks such as Coca-Cola, Fanta, and Chaudfontaine, is listing its shares on the Amsterdam exchange.

Coca-Cola European Partners naar Amsterdamse beurs
27 May 2016

Philips Lighting listed

Philips, which originally became listed as a light bulb manufacturer in 1912, is shifting its focus to medical technology and lists its lighting unit as an independent company: Philips Lighting (now: Signify). 

Philips Lightning (huidige Signify) als zelfstandig bedrijf naar de beurs
24 May 2016

Agricultural IPO

Cattle feed producer ForFarmers is making its debut on the Amsterdam exchange, hoping to increase the marketability of its existing shares.

Veevoedersfabrikant ForFarmers debuteert op Amsterdamse beurs
12 May 2016

Pipeline manufacturer goes public

Limburg-based pipeline manufacturer SIF Group, which makes foundations for wind turbines and pipelines for the offshore industry, is listed on the Amsterdam exchange.

Buizenfabrikant Sif Group gaat naar de ebeurs
14 April 2016

A new stock exchange

A new small SME exchange is founded in the Netherlands: NxChange. The core idea behind this new alternative exchange platform is for companies to raise money straight from their following. The first company to be listed on NxChange is Fastned, which operates fast-charging stations for electric cars.

Nxchange, mkb-beurs, alternatieve Amsterdamse beursplatform gaat van start
18 March 2016

Interest on centuries-old bonds

Legal successor De Stiching Rijnlanden pays an interest amount of € 714.60 on rare bonds of the Lekdijk Bovendams water board dating from 1638 and 1765 from the historical archive of the Amsterdam exchange. The bonds issued by Lekdijk Bovendams are the oldest known still interest-bearing bonds in the world and symbolize the financial strength and reliability of the Netherlands and its origins: the eternal struggle of the Dutch against the water.

Uitkering rente op Rentebrieven Lekdijk Bovendams 1638 en 1765
11 February 2016

Dutch Corporate Governance Code revised

Today, the Van Manen Monitoring Committee presents its proposal for a revised version of the Dutch Corporate Governance Code during the annual Drumming day on Beursplein 5. The new version contains important updates concerning the remuneration policy and risk management of companies.

Herziening Code Tabaksblat gepresenteerd tijdens jaarlijkse Beurstrommeldag
20 January 2016

Listed Women’s fashion

R&S Retail Group, the parent company of women’s fashion chain Miss Etam, is making its debut on the Amsterdam exchange. To do so, the Reyail Group takes over the rights of bed manufacturer Dico International, an ‘empty’ listing company.

R&S Retail Group (damesmodeketen Miss Etam) debuteert op Amsterdamse beurs
5 January 2016

Public listing for IEX

The IEX Group, an online investment information provider in the Netherlands and Belgium, makes its debut on the Amsterdam exchange through a reverse listing, after acquiring the ‘empty’ listed company MTY.

Mediabedrijf IEX-Group op Amsterdamse beurs