20 November 2015


After being acquired by the Dutch Government in 2008, ABN returns to the Amsterdam exchange for 20% of its shares. The government will remain the owner of all other shares.

ABN-AMRO keert terug naar de beurs 20 november 2015
11 November 2015

Biotech company Curetis listed

Curetius, a German biotech company, becomes listed on the Amsterdam exchange. Curetis develops and sells tests for the diagnosis of infectious diseases and will use the proceeds from the IPO to develop new tests.

Update: after a merger with American peer OpGen Curetis is de-listed again on 4 May 2020.

Biotechbedrijf Curetis krijgt notering op de Amsterdamse beurs 11 november 2015
15 October 2015

Intertrust goes public

Intertrust, a Dutch trust company that provides tax administration and legal services to companies makes its debut on the Amsterdam exchange. 

Trustmaatschappij Intertrust naar de Amsterdamse beurs 15 oktober 2015
3 October 2015

New VOC share discovered

A new share of the Dutch East India Company (VOC) has been discovered in the Amsterdam City Archives. The share of 600 guilders, was issued on 6 October 1606, which makes it the third-oldest VOC share known to us today. The oldest VOC share was found in the West-Frisian Archive in Hoorn in 2010 and was issued on 9 September 1606. In 1606, the VOC issued around 2500 of such shares, of which seven are known to have survived. One of them is in the historical collection of the Amsterdam exchange.

Ontdekking nieuw VOC-aandeel 3 oktober 2015
10 July 2015

Flow Traders IPO

Trading firm Flow Traders, which specializes in digital index tracker trading, brings approximately 40% of its shares to the Amsterdam exchange for a total market value of about € 1.5 billion.

Handelsbedrijf Flow Traders naar de beurs
2 July 2015

Kiadis listed

Biotech company Kiadis Pharma, which is conducting research into a cure for blood cancer, is listed on the Amsterdam exchange. 

Beursnotering biotechbedrijf Kiadis Pharma
27 March 2015

Soft drink IPO

Refresco Gerber, a bottling company and producer of soft drinks that is mainly known for the Wicky brand in the Netherlands, is due to make its debut on the Amsterdam exchange.

Update: After a takeover, Refresco is de-listed again on 26 April 2018.

Refresco Gerber gaat naar de beurs 27 maart 2015
25 February 2015

Shopping centre IPO

After acquiring Corio, the French real estate company Klépierre, which operates shopping centers all over Europe, becomes listed in Amsterdam, in addition to its main listing in Paris.

Klépierre beursgang 25 februari 2015
6 February 2015

Glasses on the exchange

Grandvision, owner of renowned optician chains such as Pearle and Eye Wish, makes its debut on the Amsterdam exchange and brings in around € 1 billion with its listing.

4 February 2015

Bols returns to the stock exchange

Gin and liqueur producer Lucas Bols, famous for brand names such as Bols, Bokma, Pisang Ambon and Coebergh, returns to the Amsterdam exchange. The liquor producer, which was already listed at Beursplein 5 between 1954 and 1993, brings in a total sum of € 128 million by issuing 8.1 million shares. The initial share price of € 15.75 harkens back to the year (1575) in which this “oldest producer of distilled beverages in the world” was founded.

15 January 2015

Site launch

This site about the exchange history of the Netherlands is launched at a festive event at Beursplein 5. This website is an initiative of Stichting Capital Amsterdam.

Lancering-site-beursgeschiedenis 15 januari 2015